This is Me.

HI! Thanks for stopping by! I am new to blogging so, if I am doing something wrong please don’t crucify me just yet; I’m still learning. I decided to create this blog in hopes that my stories might have a positive impact on some of you. I want to share my truths with you, maybe someone out there can benefit from something that I have done.

This is also a great way for me to express myself; writing has always been one of the comforts I turn to no matter the situation. Writing is part of my genetic code; without it, I think I would actually combust. I can express such a wide range of emotions and, because I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, I can switch sides of the spectrum without batting an eye.

I will write about parenting, marriage, adulting and happenings in my life. I plan to make posts often but, having three kids and going back to school can get quite hectic. I hope you enjoy me being, just Kathryn.