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Join the Club, I Did.

Book of the Month Club, I dove right in! I research a lot of the monthly box clubs and while ‘stuff’ is cool and one box was super intreging–it had gifts to open only after reading certain pages, it seemed super emmersive, check it out here.— I decided to join Book of the Month (BOTM) as sort of a ‘gateway box’.

If you are like me, an anti-social ball of anxiety, and hate the overwhelming choices at a bookstore, this is an awesome option for you. The BOTM chooses 5 titles, from which you choose the 1 that would most like to read. You may skip months and that ‘credit’ is rolled-over to the following month.

Here, check it out for yourself! If you want to join, use my referal code and receive a free book!

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Filling a Void

I recently realized that I have not read a book for recreational purposes in over 5 years; this realization devastated me. I love to read, I always have. What happened? When did I stop reading? I do not recall it being an active choice; however, I can remember that last book that I read and where I was when I finished it.

I suddenly could feel an emptiness in my chest, a hollow sensation that I needed to fill. The question now was, with what? I am not the same person I was half a decade ago. What do I even like to read? I was distraught. I turned to the internet for help. Much to my dismay, I had to KNOW what genre I enjoyed before I could even get suggestions.

I will join a book club. That should be easy right? WRONG. I needed a book club that I could attend virtually not physically as my current lifestyle does not include outings of one. I stumbled upon an Instagram run by Reese Witherspoon, Reese’s Book Club X Hello Sunshine. YES!

Her January pick was The Library Book by Susan Orlean. I hopped over to my B&N account to see what it was about. I read the free sample and fell in love! For the next 3 days I pined over this book, not really wanting to ask my husband to buy it while simultaneously waiting for him to order it. He waited until I had stopped starring at it in my B&N cart and last night, he presented it to me!

I have since submerged myself into this book. I could not sleep, I HAD to keep reading. I have not felt this emotionally connected to a literary work in ages. I was in 7th grade the last time a book had this much impact on me. The gaping emptiness in my chest was full once again.

This is a nonfiction book written about the biggest library fire in American history. I sobbed when reading the list of irreplaceable items that vanished in the inferno. I felt ill when Orlean began naming the copious amounts of libraries that are no longer with us due to violent acts of malice throughout history; the largest loss of literature in modern history, being the second world war.

This book truly a work of art, what begins as research of a devastating fire becomes a captivating account of the interworking of a world with infinite with knowledge and imagination. I have not finished reading this magnificent book and it has already deepened my preexisting obsession with books, libraries, journals, and all things literary. Orlean offers such a compassionate insight into the unremarkable value of libraries.

This is a MUST read!