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Who I Am

I’m just Kathryn. I am the mother of 3 amazing kiddos and the wife to a pretty awesome man. Adams, party of 5. I am hopping on the “blog-wagon”, so to speak. I plan to share my projects, recipes, quirky stories and everything in-between. I have never been great at composing ‘bios’, they always seem so awkward. I never know what to say, how much is too much or have I written too little. Knowing just the right amount of personal details, and making sure not to over share is not easy. I also don’t want to sound like a robot with no emotions. The best way to get to know me will be to follow my blog and watch my story unfold. There you have it. That was my thought process while trying to type an ‘about me’.Maybe you will enjoy my ramblings; If you do and would like to know when I have made a post, follow “That’s Just Kathryn” via email and you can receive updates when new content has been added.

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